About me


I am an ecologist managing a conservation laboratory and nursery for the Australian Network for Plant Conservation, propagating federally endangered species for conservation and re-introduction. I have successfully propagated over 30 federally endangered species for reintroduction and together with my colleagues seen over 10 species successfully reintroduced to the wild. I adore mycorrhizae and all the weird, outrageous and ingenious ways orchids have intertwined themselves with other species.

I have over 14 years’ experience propagating and researching threatened Australian plant species, with particular experience in tissue culture, reintroductions and mycorrhizal associations of ‘difficult’ Australian species.

I have had a love of the Grampians  National Park since a child and a need to do something for the plight of the Grampians Globe-pea since 2000 when I first clapped my eyes on it during my honours and became aware of its dwindling numbers


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